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Avoid Outages By Knowing When Your Generator Needs Repair Service

A generator provides a great way to keep your home powered through the worst times, such as when electricity fails due to ice storms, high winds, or other disasters. With a generator, you can keep your appliances, lights, and outlets going even when the power is out. You’ll enjoy convenience with minimal interruption to your daily life with a home generator. However, your generator may occasionally require repair to keep working for you. Read on to learn common signs that your generator needs repair, so you can keep yours running.

Slow or No Start

Your generator should start relatively quickly and with minimal effort after you lose power. If your generator does not start, or the unit has trouble powering up, you need to contact an electrician for repairs.

Damage to Electrical Components

Your generator has many electrical components that can become damaged or worn with time. If you spot frayed or loose wires, buttons that stick, or loose parts, you should contact your electrician for repairs right away.

Fluid Leaks

Finding fluid leaking from your generator can signal a major problem and should never be ignored. Your generator can have coolant, oil, or fuel. If these liquids leak from the unit, you may smell them before seeing them. Either way, once you have a leak, you need repairs immediately to keep your generator running when you need it.

System Alerts or Alarms

Some models of generators have an application that tracks the health of your device. In this case, the generator may send you alerts or alarms in the event of malfunction or detected damage. This allows you to quickly know that your generator needs service without the need to check it manually as often.

Low or Inconsistent Power Flow

If you notice that you aren’t getting a constant, steady power flow from your generator, this could signal a problem. You may have low power, leading to not having enough energy to supply your home while the generator is running. You may also experience inconsistent or jumpy power with lights and appliances that appear to flicker as they disconnect from power and reconnect with it.

Be sure you are ready for power outages by keeping your generator in peak operating condition. If you spot any signs that the unit needs repairs, act quickly to make sure it will be ready when you need it. Additionally, failing to take steps to fix your generator could result in further damage or even cause the unit to fail completely.

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