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Quality Electrical Panel Services in Mid Michigan

Your home relies on the electrical panel to keep all of the devices in your home running properly. From the microwave to lightbulbs to your TV, everything powered by electricity depends on the electrical panel’s functionality and capacity. If the panel requires repairs or can’t handle the amount of electrical power needed by your household, it can be a major disruption if you don’t know where to go. Luckily, Wire Works, Inc. offers reliable electrical panel repairs and replacements in Lansing, MI, as well as East Lansing and the surrounding areas.

Our team is ready to tackle any electrical panel problems you can throw at us. Whether the outlets are sparking and you’re concerned about a fire risk or you are adding a major electrical appliance to your home and need a capacity upgrade, we are here to make the process a smooth one. If you call us at 517-333-9473, you can schedule service and receive a free estimate for full transparency into the expected cost of the electrical panel service.

What is an Electrical Panel?

First, let’s talk about what an electrical panel is. It is also sometimes referred to as the breaker box or fuse box. It is the small metal box where the electricity for your whole home is controlled, either via breakers or fuses. If you have a breaker box, you will notice individual switches that correspond to circuits or rooms and can manage those spaces separately. There will also be a main breaker that controls the whole household’s electricity. Fuse boxes look different with individual screw-in fuses. If you have an older home, you may still have a fuse box instead of a breaker box.

Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs Repairs or an Upgrade

Some issues may be fixable with electrical panel repairs in Lansing, MI, but others may require a replacement or an upgrade. With a replacement, you may simply swap out your former electrical panel for one that is presently up to code, but an electrical panel upgrade usually involves increasing your household’s capacity. In the past, homes would only require 60 to 100 amps, depending on the time period. Now, many households opt for 150 to 200 amps to keep up with the increased usage of electrical appliances and electronic devices.

Here are some sure signs that you need an electrical panel upgrade or repairs in Lansing, MI:

Some of the above are fire or electrocution risks, so call us immediately, especially if you notice scorch marks near outlets or a burning smell. The last thing you want is an electrical fire in your home.

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We’ll be able to recommend what makes the most sense for your home and help you decide between Lansing electrical panel replacements and repairs. We understand that a full electrical panel upgrade is a major commitment and often perform this type of service as part of a remodeling project or other home upgrade.

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