Electrical Inspections in Lansing, MI

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Thorough Electrical Inspections in Central Michigan

When you need to ensure your electrical wiring and systems are up to code and functioning properly, call on the team at Wire Works, Inc. An electrical inspection in Lansing can help you catch major safety hazards before they start to affect you and your family. Electrical inspections are recommended when you move into a new home, and we also suggest you get your property inspected every 10 years or so. We may have different guidance for older homes, which could require more regular checks to maintain functionality and safety standards.

Wire Works, Inc. has served Mid Michigan for nearly two decades, so we’ve had time to build a positive reputation. Our reviews from customers are overwhelmingly positive and reflect the hard work and dedication we put into our projects. Customer service and satisfaction are at the core of our business, as is transparent and open communication. Call us now at 517-333-9473 for a free estimate and to learn more about our electrical inspection offerings!

What is Included in an Electrical Inspection?

We have certain checks that we always perform during electrical inspections. Keep in mind that if you get a home electrical inspection from someone who is not an electrician, the evaluation they do will be different. They do not have the same electrical expertise as trained and licensed professionals and often simply perform visual checks to ensure your electrical system is up to code. It is still recommended that you get an electrical inspection from an electrician because we have the ability to search more thoroughly for safety hazards.

Here are the electrical components we look at during an electrical inspection in Lansing, MI:

We inspect the above both for code compliance with local regulations and for safety. Faulty wiring, outlets, and electrical panels can be a major fire risk and could cause electrocution. Electrical inspections in Lansing will keep your home safe, especially if it is over 40 years old.

Why do I Need an Electrical Inspection in Lansing?

An electrical inspection not only protects the safety of your family and your home, but also lowers costs over time. It may seem counterintuitive to buy services in order to lower costs, but regular electrical inspections in Lansing catch problems early and keep you from paying fines for having a house or building that is not up to code.

If your wiring or electrical system were installed as part of a DIY project or by an unlicensed electrician, they may be deeply unsafe and fail to pass home inspections from local regulators. If this is the case, you will need to hire an experienced, licensed electrician to fix the mess left behind.

However, even if you had an experienced electrician work on your electrical system in the past, over time components deteriorate or become outdated, like your electrical panel. Wires can melt or corrode. In the event that we find something during a Lansing electrical inspection that requires repair, we will recommend next steps and build a plan with you to get your house back to a safe state in no time. It is smart to go to a professional electrician the first time, and if you haven’t in the past, call us to get an electrical inspection ASAP! We offer free estimates for electrical inspections and keep our prices transparent, without hidden fees.