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If your home or business needs electrical remodeling in Lansing, MI, it’s smart to start by consulting the experts. Wire Works, Inc. has worked with residential and commercial customers for nearly two decades on major electrical projects, including kitchen and bathroom remodels, commercial space remodels, electrical relocation, and more. Whether you’re redoing a bathroom and need an electrician to install lighting and ensure safely grounded outlets or you need rewiring throughout your home, the professionals at Wire Works, Inc. can perform the work needed safely and professionally.

We have a great track record with customer satisfaction, as shown by our stellar reviews and reputation for success. A home or business remodel from Wire Works, Inc. will improve your quality of life and last you a number of years, especially if you include major upgrades like a new electrical panel or updated wiring! Call us at 517-333-9473 today to speak to one of our experienced professionals and get a free estimate.

What to Consider Before an Electrical Remodel

There are a few factors you should consider before beginning a Lansing electrical remodel project with the pros at Wire Works, Inc.


First, you’ll need to understand what your budget is. This will help you determine exactly what you can remodel, how many rooms will be included, and if you have wiggle room to add any extras to your plan. If you know your budget, it will also help us determine what kinds of fixtures and electrical upgrades you may be able to afford.


Let’s say you have an older house. You may like the appearance of it, but are concerned about its safety. An electrical remodel in Lansing can remedy this and focus primarily on updating the wiring or electrical panel in your home. Perhaps you’d prefer to focus solely on the appearance of a room, in which case we’d recommend lighting installation options or extras relevant to the room you are remodeling.


If you identify the upgrades or changes that are absolutely critical for you, our team can work to try to match these with your budget. Electricians may also recommend necessary work, like an electrical panel upgrade, which is most easily accomplished during a remodel.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

The most common types of electrical remodeling happen in the kitchen and bathroom. These are both rooms with significant electrical needs from the appliances in your kitchen to grounded outlets in a bathroom. Electrical remodeling in Lansing allows you to update the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom, while also improving its infrastructure.

A kitchen remodel might include updates to appliances, improved lighting fixtures, new switches or dimmers, more conveniently placed outlets, and more. A bathroom remodel likely includes GCFI outlets, new lighting installations, and extras like wiring for waterproof speakers or a sauna. Both of these types of projects should not be attempted as DIY projects.

While some parts of the remodel may be possible to accomplish on your own, like painting or re-flooring, the electrical components should only be updated by a licensed electrician. Otherwise you run the risk of improperly wiring your electrical system, in which case you will have to call in an electrician for repairs, spending the money you had hoped to save in the first place by doing the project yourself.

Electrical Relocation

Electrical relocation is another service that we offer as part of our Lansing electrical remodeling services. If you do not like the way your outlets are situated now, frequently use extension cords, or are redesigning a room as part of a remodeling project, you will likely want to change the position of your outlets. This may also involve some relocation of the wiring in your home. Wire Works, Inc. will suggest an improved plan for the flow of you outlets, wiring, and switches.

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