Commercial Electrical Services in Lansing, MI

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Electrical Services for Central Michigan Businesses

Are you a business owner looking to upgrade your electrical systems, get electrical repairs, or pursue a remodeling project? Wire Works, Inc. is your preferred choice for a partner electrician. Over the last two decades, we have worked with commercial facilities, local businesses, office spaces, churches, schools, community centers, and government offices in the Lansing area.

We work quickly and efficiently, always arriving with a fully stocked van, so you don’t have to wait long for us to complete a commercial electrical service in Lansing, MI. As a small, family-owned and operated business ourselves, we have a deep appreciation for the work businesses do to invigorate our community, and we relish the opportunity to give back. When you need a Lansing commercial electrician with deep experience in the commercial field, including industrial projects, Wire Works, Inc. is your go-to resource.

Why Hire a Commercial Electrician in Lansing

Hiring a licensed electrician is necessary for a number of reasons when you are a business owner. DIY or inexperienced electrical jobs can result in poorly installed fixtures and wiring, which may be a safety hazard or require expensive repairs. A specialized commercial electrician will have the necessary experience with complex electrical systems native to commercial properties. We have past experience working with the following types of projects unique to commercial properties:
While some of the above may also be relevant to residential electrical work, some projects, like network wiring, are of the sort that are typically only performed by commercial electricians in Lansing and the surrounding areas. That’s why it’s smart to employ a contractor with years of experience working with your specific type of business.

Industrial Electrical Services

Industrial businesses are a subset of the commercial field that require even more specialized electrical expertise. A warehouse is going to have completely different needs from an office building, partially because it is so large and likely uses much more electricity in comparison. We understand that for industrial properties, a day with malfunctioning electrical equipment or technology can be massively damaging to your business, so we do our best to work quickly to perform any necessary repairs.

We have worked with on a number of industrial projects, including manufacturing facilities, data storage buildings, and warehouses. We have performed the following services for industrial customers in Lansing, MI and the surrounding areas in the past:

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If you are interested in a commercial electrician in Lansing who can support your business, give Wire Works, Inc. a call at 517-333-9473. We’re happy to discuss repairs, upgrades, or ongoing projects like electrical remodels. We regularly work on old buildings and new construction alike, so no matter whether your commercial property is aging or a twinkle in your eye, we can help you bring it to life with the proper electrical technology. Speak with one of our experienced, licensed commercial electricians in Lansing, MI today!