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Electricians identify breaker gone bad

Power Struggles: Navigating Electrical Panel Problems

Your electrical panel is like the heart of your electricity supply, as it distributes power to various parts of your house. When something goes wrong with it, you can face all sorts of electrical hiccups. Let us break down some common electrical panel malfunctions and some methods for safely addressing them.

Tripping Breakers

If your circuit breakers trip often, this usually happens because too many gadgets or appliances are running at the same time and overloading the system. To fix this, try unplugging a few things or using them at different times. If tripping happens frequently without an obvious overload, it might be time to call an electrician to check to see if there is a deeper issue present.

Old or Faulty Breakers

Sometimes, the breakers themselves are the problem. Older panels might have breakers that do not trip when they should, which will risk them overheating and potentially causing electrical fires. If you know your panel is old or notice a breaker feels hot, smells burnt, or won’t stay reset, it’s crucial to have a professional replace it to keep you, your family, and your home safe.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights can be a sign of various issues, but when it’s linked to your electrical panel, it might mean a loose connection or a problem with the wiring in the panel. These issues are not just annoying; they can be dangerous. An electrician can tighten connections or identify and fix wiring problems.

Strange Noises

An electrical panel should be seen and not heard. If you hear buzzing, crackling, or humming sounds coming from your panel, this is never a good sign. These noises can signify loose fittings, a faulty breaker, or other serious issues. Do not even think about trying to investigate this on your own, as electrical panels are not DIY-friendly. A licensed electrician can safely find and fix the problem that is causing the noise.

Continuous Power Loss

If your power goes out frequently without tripping breakers, or if certain appliances lose power while others work fine, your panel may be failing to distribute power correctly. This inconsistent distribution of power can harm your appliances and will require professional attention to resolve.

Call for Help

If you experience any of these issues, the best course of action is to consult with a licensed electrician. They can perform a thorough inspection, repair or replace faulty components, and make sure your electrical system meets current safety standards.

Your electrical panel is the backbone of your home electrical system. Keeping it in good working order not only enables your appliances and gadgets to continue to run, but it also protects your home and family from electrical hazards. If your electrical panel is malfunctioning, contact Wire Works in Lansing, MI.