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Follow These Indoor Lighting Guidelines to Stay Safe

Installing a new light or replacing a few lights in your home may seem relatively simple. However, numerous aspects of your next home repair or improvement project come with significant risks. From falls to electrocution, you can face serious injury or even death if the work isn’t done correctly. In addition, there’s a high risk of an electrical fire when all the required steps aren’t completed perfectly. An electrical fire can result in serious property damage, personal injury, and major expenses. A fire may start immediately or months from now. So, what are some indoor lighting guidelines to follow to stay safe?

Know the Building Codes

Local building codes extensively cover electrical guidelines and rules. Any electrical work on indoor lights must be up to code to avoid a violation and related consequences. More than that, these codes are designed to reduce the risk of an electrical fire, electrocution, and other possibilities. Before doing any electrical work on your house’s lighting fixtures, you must review and understand all relevant codes. In addition, ensure that you know how to comply with the codes fully before you start working on a project.

Wear Proper Safety Gear

Working with electrical fixtures can be dangerous in several ways. Your indoor lights are mostly or entirely overhead, so you must stand on a ladder and reach overhead throughout the project. If you have tall ceilings, you could be perched more than a dozen feet in the air. The risk of breaking a limb or suffering related injuries from a fall is significant. Wear nonslip shoes to reduce the chance of injury related to a fall. The risk of electrocution is significant as well when working on your home’s indoor lights. Ensure that your shoes have rubber soles for better grip.

Always Turn Off the Power First

Another essential safety guideline is to turn off the electrical power. You can turn off the entire power supply to your house or try to find the circuit breaker for the room you need to work in. After flipping the switches, always test the light switches to ensure that the power is actually off. If wires are exposed, test them again to ensure that no electrical current runs through them. In addition, let everyone in your household know that you’re working with the electricity. They should know not to flip any circuit breakers.

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