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5 New Electrical Panel Technologies to Know About

Electrical panels, which are the backbone of an electrical system, have undergone a plethora of technological advances over the years. They are no longer simple switchboards that distribute electricity to different circuits. They are now more sophisticated, as they contain technology to enhance safety, control the flow of power, and save on energy.

1. Smart Circuit Breakers

One of the greatest advancements in electrical panel technology is the smart circuit breaker. Rather than just being able to interrupt power when circuits become overloaded, this smart technology allows for remote monitoring and control. Homeowners can shut off breakers via a smartphone or tablet, monitor real-time energy usage, and receive notifications about electrical problems so that they can get a professional to make necessary repairs before they become disastrous.

2. Enhanced Safety Features

Today’s electrical panels are equipped to prevent safety hazards like fires and electrocution. For example, arc fault circuit interrupters are standard in all new models. This technology is designed to detect when arcing occurs and interrupt power to prevent fires. Arcing happens when electrical wires are damaged or frayed.

3. Energy Management Capabilities

Modern breaker boxes also help enhance energy efficiency. Homeowners can use certain features to optimize energy usage. Such features include load shedding that allows homeowners to shut off nonessential circuits during peak hours to save on their energy bills.

4. Integration With Renewable Energy Sources

Since renewable energy sources are increasing in popularity, modern electrical panels are constructed so that they can seamlessly integrate with them. Instead of only managing the flow of electricity from the grid, they can also receive power from solar panels and backup batteries. This is critical for homeowners who desire to become more energy-independent and decrease their carbon footprint.

5. Advanced Protection Against Power Surges

Power surges can wreak havoc in a home, as they can destroy appliances and other electronics. If the surges are significant enough, it can cause damage to the electrical system, which will potentially result in spending thousands of dollars on repairs. Some electrical panels are advanced enough that they contain surge protection to safeguard a home against power surges that occur due to storms or fluctuations in the power grid.

The developments in electrical panel technology demonstrate how much electrical systems have advanced over the past several decades. The earlier electrical panels were simply wooden boards or metal boxes that contained fuses. Now, they are more complex and have evolved to contain features that enhance quality of life and safety. For this technology to perform at its best, however, it is critical to take measures to ensure it is well maintained. To have an inspection of your electrical panel as well as the rest of your home wiring in Lansing, MI, contact Wire Works straight away.