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When you need the best, call Wire Works, Inc., and we will deliver quality electrical services every time. We have worked in the East Lansing area for nearly 20 years, and intend to keep our business growing and evolving with ever-updating technology. Our licensed team of electricians delivers excellent service every time, with a focus on quality craftsmanship, transparent communication about timelines and cost, and pleasant customer interactions.

Our full list of East Lansing services is included below:

Lighting Installation Services

If you’re looking for help installing light fixtures, our East Lansing electricians are a fantastic resource. We regularly install the following types of lighting:
We are happy to work with you on a unique lighting installation plan for your home. We also repair and replace light fixtures that have broken over time. We’re lighting installation experts for both residential and commercial properties, so whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 517-333-9473 to receive a free estimate.

EV Charger Installation

If you have an electric vehicle, you’ve likely thought about getting a home EV charger. And there’s no better time than the present! Wire Works, Inc. is Qmerit-certified to perform EV charger installations in East Lansing, MI, which means that we’ve been recognized for our skill and craftsmanship in this area. We install ChargePoint EV chargers, among other brands, and will make sure you have the exact type of EV charger you need. We also install EV chargers for businesses, so you can give your employees and customers a chance to charge their cars throughout the day.

Electrical Panel Repairs & Upgrades

Find all of the electrical panel services you need with Wire Works, Inc. We offer electrical panel repairs, upgrades, and replacements to East Lansing residents and businesses. If you’re concerned about the state of your electrical panel, perhaps because your home or building is older, our team is happy to inspect it and provide you with a recommendation. Most homeowners should replace their electrical panels every 25 to 30 years, and it may be advantageous to upgrade your panel sooner if the capacity is 100 amps or lower. Most homes now use electrical panels with a 150 to 200 amp capacity to handle TVs, computers, HVAC systems, refrigerators, and other numerous modern day appliances. You may want to check with an East Lansing electrician if you plan to install a major new appliance or device, like an EV charger, to ensure your current electrical panel can manage the increased usage. And, of course, we also provide repairs when your electrical panel shows signs of disfunction.

Generator Repair & Installation in East Lansing

Imagine this: you’re in your East Lansing home, and the power goes out. What do you do? If you have a functioning generator, you simply go on with your day as you usually would. If you don’t have a generator (or you haven’t kept up with generator maintenance), you will be stuck with a fridge full of rotting food, possibly in extremely cold or hot temperatures without a working HVAC system or hot water. This is obviously not ideal. The team at Wire Works, Inc. installs high-quality GeneracⓇ generators, so when you call our East Lansing electricians for generator maintenance or installation, you are in good hands.

Electrical Inspections

Whether you’re moving into a new-to-you home or you’ve been living in your house for a while, electrical inspections from a licensed East Lansing electrician are necessary to keep you safe. Electrical systems can deteriorate over time, and it’s best to catch issues before they get too severe to repair. We inspect your electrical panel and main circuits, as well as any outdoor wiring.

Commercial Services

The best electrician for your business is right here, at Wire Works, Inc. We have been serving the businesses of the East Lansing area for nearly twenty years as commercial electricians. And who better to understand the plight of business owners than a small family-owned and operated business? We work with a broad range of commercial and industrial facilities, including warehouses, schools, office buildings, and more.

Electrical Remodeling

We are your go-to source for electrical remodeling when you need an update to your kitchen, bathroom, or other room in your East Lansing home or business. Our licensed electricians will speak to you about your goals and incorporate them into a comprehensive plan for your remodel, including possible lighting installations, wiring updates, electrical panel upgrades, and electrical relocation. Our East Lansing electricians would be thrilled to collaborate on an electrical remodeling project with you.