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Follow These Tips to Keep Your Generator in Great Shape

While you can’t predict when power outages will occur, you can prepare yourself for a loss of power by getting a generator. If you’d like your generator to be ready at a moment’s notice, follow the maintenance tips described below.

Use Fresh Oil

Oil plays a critical role in a generator since it lubricates the internal parts. In doing so, it reduces friction and prevents the system from overheating. Over time, oil can degrade and get clogged with contaminants. When this happens, it’s not able to do its job as well, and your generator might not work as efficiently. If you go too long without changing the oil, you’re putting your system at risk of severe damage.

Read your generator’s manual to see what the manufacturer recommends in terms of oil change frequency. Some generators might be able to last 50 or 60 hours between oil changes, while others could go for about 100 hours between oil changes.

Clean It Up

A generator with a lot of grime, dust, and debris on it may have more difficulty running smoothly. Anything that has built up on the generator may interfere with electrical connections or block airflow. Lack of airflow could make your system work harder than it otherwise would. To clean your generator, wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth. To make the cleaning job easier for you in the future, cover up your unit when it’s not in use.

Have It Professionally Serviced

You can take care of a lot of maintenance tasks on your own, but some are best left to the professionals. For example, an electrician can identify and fix a leak, replace plugs, add fluids, and more. When it comes to anything that involves electricity, you’ll want to stay safe and follow proper guidelines.

Run It Every Few Months

Even after you’ve completed all the tasks described above, it’s a good idea to turn on your generator at least once every season. After you’ve turned it on, let it run for a little while, like 10 or 20 minutes. This test run will let you know if anything major needs to get addressed. If you’re having problems starting up, you’ll certainly want to take care of the issue before you really need your generator in an emergency situation. Also, this test run can keep the engine lubricated by circulating oil through it, and it may charge the battery as well.

Let Us Know If You Need Assistance

We hope that you and your generator will be ready for the next power outage. For assistance with generators at your place in Lansing, MI, reach out to our team at Wire Works today.